Cornell Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium 2010

Norvin Richards

A former Cornellian himself, Norvin Richards is a MIT professor of Linguistics and Philosophy after having gotten his PhD from MIT.  While he's doing linguistics he focuses on endangered languages, especially Austronesian languages, and syntax.  In addition he is also involved in the Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project,  trying to revitalize the Wôpanâak language, a language from Eastern Massachusetts.

Norvin Richards will be speaking Saturday April 10th on a Syntax topic of his choice.

for more informationm please visit his website at:

John Hale

 A PhD graduate of John Hopkins, John Hale is one of Cornell's computational linguists. Prof. Hale's research in computational linguistics and cognitive science seeks to explain "the mind's unique language-using abilities in terms of particular algorithms, data structures and computer architectures"   using " the formal methods of logic and probability, as well as the empirical findings of linguistics and psycholinguistics."

John Hale will be speaking Sunday April 11th on a Computational Linguistics topic of his choice.

for more information, please visit his website at :

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