Cornell Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium 2010

Cornell Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium 2010 

Ithaca, New York

April 10-11 2010 

Hallos all and warm welcomes as Cornell University's undergraduate linguistics association, UnderLings, presents its fourth annual undergraduate research colloquium. The goal of the conference is to promote undergraduate research at all levels by facilitating communication and discussion between researchers.


Late Jan/Early Feb - Call for papers

Jan 29 - Our  local keynote speaker, John Hale, has agreed to come and speak at the Colloquium!

Feb 12 - This Website goes live!

Feb 17 - We realized the original dates for the colloquium conflicted with Easter and Passover.  Dates changed to Apr 10-11

Mar 12 - Poster Guidelines and Registration forms go online!

Mar 18 -  Norvin Richards of MIT has agreed to come and speak as our Saturday keynote speaker for the Colloquium! 

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